Here is a simple tutorial on how to edit an existing image to make the background transparent:

Follow these quick steps which will take you about 5 minutes to complete:
1. Go to
2. Choose Open Image from Computer
3. Click on the Magic Wand (third icon down on the left side toolbar)
4. Click anywhere on your image background with the wand
5. Click on Edit, Invert Selection
6. Click on Edit again, then click Copy
7. Click on Edit one more time, then choose Paste
8. Now look over on the right in the Layers box
9. On the Background image #2, doubleclick the lock to unlock the image
10. Uncheck Layer 0, uncheck Layer 1, then recheck Layer 1
11. You should now see a gray and white background behind your image which is now transparent
12. Click on File, Save, then give your image a name, then under the Format box, choose PNG (Transparant, full quality)
13. Click OK and you’re done!

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